In a galaxy full of dancers, Mina Lovely breaks the mold.

Mina Lovely is a young Quirc attending QF77 School of Performance Arts, hoping to one day become the next intergalactic dance sensation! But when her assigned partner for her senior project turns out to be her former friend and current social media sensation Tommy Tangan, Mina is forced to work through some of the old wounds that have never truly healed.

Can Mina and Tommy manage to work together in spite of the scandal that tore them apart?

And why, in a galaxy obsessed with performance arts, is one dance style still taboo?


Shaky Butt: A Rhythmic Romance is an indie visual novel/rhythm game hybrid currently in development by Frankie del Mar. Featuring hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animations, original music and an array of unique characters to meet, Shaky Butt has something for everyone.


Engaging dialogue with multiple options

Talk to people. Do stuff. Learn things!

Engaging rhythm levels

Progress the story through interactive music videos!

Other stuff

Stuff stuff stuff!

Lots of butt shaking!

Stuff stuff stuff!


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Notable Characters

Mina Lovely

Mina grew up dreaming of becoming an intergalactic dance star. Outside of school, she enjoys watching her favorite show, Bubble Warrior Zarina.


Tommy is a rising start in the social media world, with her popular punk-rock style of music and dance. She aspires to start her own band someday!

Ella Lovely

Mina's grandmother Ella raised Mina since she was a child. Although she seems unassuming enough, her past as a performer was a huge influence on Mina.


Iris is Mina's best friend since the beginning of high school. A talented costume designer and seamstress, she is fond of using Mina as her model.


PIMA (Personal Interactive Media Assistant) is a robot designed to make life easier! Mina's PIMA device is relatively new. It tries its best.


Surge: Maybe you've heard of him. He is the host of Alpha Storm, one of the galaxy's most popular shows. He and Tommy seem to be very close.